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You can use the Neutek Media System for all your live concerts, conferences or interviews.
Not only can you use Neutek Media System to build an excellent live production for your audience, you can now also allow individuals from all over the globe to experience it through live streaming.

Utilize Neutek Media System to create a great live show.

Dazzle your crowd with an incredible live production spread over large screens and outdoor monitors. By adding camera feeds, titles, films and audio, Neutek Media System will enable you to really engage your live audience and provide them with a memorable experience! The addition of Neutek Media System Social will assist you communicate with your audience live as you can show live tweets to the crowd. For activities like graduations, this is fantastic.

Record your event.

If you're holding a meeting or graduation, it's very essential to be able to record the event. Neutek Media System will enable you to provide a copy of the production to those who were unable to participate.

Stream your live event on social media.

You're offering yourself the widest possible crowd by streaming your event live! People can experience your production around the globe and this can improve your brand and reputation. Neutek Media System provides stream access to many different providers and up to 3 streaming places at once! Using Neutek Media System Social enables you to integrate social media into your production so you can communicate live with your audience.

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