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Whether it's for lecture recording, classroom recording or graduation, Neutek Media System is an excellent option for educational establishments.
Schools can use the Neutek Media system to stream live campus activities such as athletic competitions, academic award shows, graduation ceremonies, and "News Shows" daily or weekly.

Live stream your classroom.

Streaming classes is very important for schools and universities that offer off-campus learning. Neutek Media System lets you create HD streams of your lectures that students can see everywhere.

Create great classroom presentations.

Neutek Media System allows you to create dynamic lectures and classes using images, videos, and PowerPoint productions. In an instructional environment, the consumption of data is essential and by offering all the needed data in a well-presented output, you are helping to guarantee excellent results for learners.

Provide a copy of your lectures to your students by recording through Neutek Media System.

Recording classes allow learners to go back and take another look at the lessons. This helps to enhance their capacity to maintain the submitted data. It is also possible to use the recorded video to evaluate educators.

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