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Neutek Media System is used all over the world for business presentations, conferences and seminars.

Create a great business presentation.

Neutek Media System is an excellent facility to produce professional company presentations. Since Neutek Media System enables you to add a big amount of distinct sources, you can generate an incredible presentation that involves everything you need to show. You can clearly and effectively show your corporate videos, pictures, PowerPoint slides, and audio. Neutek Media System scales with you, so it's ideal for board conferences as well as bigger corporate activities.

Record your meeting or presentation for archiving.

Many companies like recording conferences and seminars to be reviewed at a later date. They are fantastic for educational reasons, archiving and uploading to your website.

Stream your meeting to offices all over the world.

With more individuals working off-site and from home, being able to stream your lecture or meeting is an excellent feature Neutek Media System offers. You could even use Neutek Media System for a live stream of a fresh product launch and show it through your website to a global crowd.

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