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Would you like to reach a particular communities outside of your walls?
Live streaming is one way that this objective can be achieved. If you're still on the fence, below are some live streaming advantages of your church service.

Reach a Wider Audience.

Live streaming allows a larger number of people to be able to connect with the Church: Live streaming services reaches an audience outside the physical walls of the church. One of the most easily identified benefits to live streaming your church service is allowing members who cannot make it to the physical service a chance to still watch. Members may be sick, out of town, or for any other reason unable to make it. Giving them an option to still watch the service increases their connection to the church and allows them to worship and hear the Word of God from anywhere they might be. Streaming providers will also offer an archiving service that allows you to view the stream at a later time.

Easy, Convenient and Affordable.

Many reasons why a church may not want to set up live streaming services is the belief that it’s too difficult or time-consuming. On the contrary, it’s as easy and convenient as ever. Whether you are using a computer or mobile device, setting up and recording church services is quick and easy especially when using our streaming service. It is so easy, in fact, that you can be actively live streaming within 3 minutes. One of the big myths of live streaming is that it is expensive. Some people see large, prominent churches live streaming services and believe that their church cannot do the same because they have a smaller budget. Even with the smallest of budgets, live streaming is still an option because when you use a service like Neutek Media, we provide affordable packages.

Save All Your Important Moments.

Although watching services live is fantastic, sometimes it's just not feasible. Because of this, they will be archived for future viewing when live streams are completed. We can archive your services and have them accessible as many times as your spectators want to be watchers. This is particularly essential if you have a unique service like Easter, Christmas, or any other event that you want others to see who may not have known about it or have been elsewhere. It may not even be a unique holiday service, but a service that has been particularly impressive that one of your members likes to watch or share with a friend again. It can be very unique and crucial to have these memories saved on hard-drives, CD/DVD or USB flash drives.

Create a unique live experience for your congregation.

Firstly, we can enhance the experience of those in attendance by using large screens to display the Neutek Media system output. This means you can have a worship leader, minister, scripture, video and announcements all on the screen throughout the service. It's a great way to display information to the congregation and help those further from the front to get a better view.

Win Over Potential Visitors.

Before I relocated to a new region, I had been going to the same church for 24 years. Trying to discover a new church was hard, but one of the first things I did to find out about a church was checking out a service online. Newcomers want to feel at ease, and they generally want to check out your church ahead of time. Live streaming of your services enables them to see what they can expect from your church and helps them make the choice to check it out in individual.

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The Church’s divine mission is to reach as many lost and broken people that we can. Live streaming is just another tool that can be used to spread God’s grace and love.