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Neutek has hardworking team is committed to each of our customers ' long-term success. Besides ensuring that you have access to world-class support, consulting and continuing education, we are also here to provide proactive guidance to assist you in meeting your business goals.
With the assistance of our dedicated and extremely professional team, you will be amazed at what you can achieve.

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Wouldn't it be good to have a technical specialist as an extension of your organization or business? Now you do 😊. With a team ranging from Software Engineers and Sound Engineers to Videogaphers and expert script writers, we are making hard problems easy for you.

System Integrations

Our engineering and technical personnel design, build and install: setup of production studios, setup of radio / television stations, post-production facilities, and streaming media infrastructure. We also provide integration of APIs for web applications as well as software integration.

Video Equipment Rentals

We rent multi-camera devices for live event shooting and single-camera packages for documentary shooting and scripted content. Our packages are complete systems so you won't end up on the spot realizing you've forgotten to rent something you need. Most of our equipment are less than one year old. Therefore, you are guaranteed to get state-of - the-art equipment in an optimal working condition.

Production Services

We provide shooting crew and facilities for video productions. With dozens of years of experience and hundreds of finished projects, our team works closely with our customers to make sure their shows look fantastic, sound wonderful and come under budget.

ICT and Web Solutions

We are a dynamic ICT firm focused on new technologies. We boast a unique collection of skills and talents as required for the overwhelming demands of our clients. Our ability to get you online quickly is one of our "claims to fame." Building a website is a time-consuming and complex endeavour but for Neutek it means nothing.

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